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College Football: Notre Dame-Florida State Showdown Pumps Up National Impact


Me on ND/FSU

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WARR writer Kevin Luchansky normally writes about baseball for WARR.com., this college football season he expands his reach by writing on another passion of his — college football, in particular the Big Ten.

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Week 8 of the college football season, and we’re stacking up the number of games with national title implications this season.

Arguments can be made for a few other games with such implications, but tonight’s match-up between Notre Dame and Florida State in Tallahassee is a big one, one that stands to eclipse the early showdowns we’ve seen between teams like Michigan State and Oregon, Alabama and Mississippi and Auburn at Mississippi State.

The latter two games, despite the high parings of ranked teams, may have had more influence on the SEC Championship influence than it did for the College Football Playoff, there…

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Phil Cho, owner of Pure Soul Entertainment, wrecks car & leaves 4 friends in ditch

Phil Cho, owner of PureSoul Entertainment in Chicago – and purveyor of oxymoron “PureSoulFam” – wrecked his car in the early morning hours on September 13th and promptly fled the scene, leaving four of his closest friends in a live-wire ditch to care for themselves. Immediately, two of the four members of the car were in critical condition. That didn’t seem to concern Phil, who left the scene on foot.

Phil has been hiding out in the suburbs like a true scumbag coward would, undoubtedly waiting for the alcohol to leave his system before turning himself in to Chicago PD.

Details of the horrific accident can be found here from the Chicago Tribune.

UPDATE: can be seen here