Ranting and Raving, December 30th

Thought I might unload a few of my recent thoughts, or rants, in the perfect place to unload – the blog I haven’t touched in months. Appropriate, right?

First and foremost, the Indiana loss in East Lansing Wednesday night still hurts. It actually pains me to even think about. What bothers me most, aside from the obvious (Loss), is that IU didn’t just lose, they lost in ugly fashion. While Cody Zeller is a major beyond major addition to the frontcourt, he is the only piece. Indiana’s offense has to go through Cody for our guards to get open looks. Since Cody was in foul trouble and rarely touched the ball within 15 feet of the basket, the IU offense looked as it did in recent years: abysmal. Until additional frontcourt help arrives (Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin) next year, it is crucial for Cody to get looks and keep himself out of foul trouble. This is easier said than done, but I am confident a player, albeit a freshman, with a baseball IQ such as Cody’s, should be able to understand and execute this.

Call me crazy, (I’ve heard it before, no hard feelings) but I really think this loss to MSU gives Indiana a better shot at taking down Ohio State this Saturday. The reality is that this young Hoosier squad, still searching for its identity, was not going to match the undefeated ’76 squad. Basically, that was a nice, alumni way of saying they were going to lose one eventually, it might as well come early in the season so they can learn from their mistakes. Coach Crean has some great game film material from the East Lansing trip, and after he dissects that film, the Hoosiers should be better prepared for #2 Ohio State come New Years Eve.

Additionally, Will Sheehey (ankle) should be healthy enough to return to the lineup Saturday. Myself, and the rest of the Hoosier faithful, have our collective fingers crossed.

Happy New Year