Monday Morning Shakedown

What a weekend of college basketball action. Unfortunately for myself, I missed most of the action as Cascade Mountain and my body were in an fierce, winner-take-all (of my ribs) battle.

Wisconsin and Purdue really shook things up in the B1G race, with upsets over Ohio State and Michigan respectively. Both teams managed to pull off what few in the conference can pull: road wins.

With just two conference games remaining, my Hoosiers can finish as high as 4th, and as low as 8th. One thing that is certain, however, is that the USA Today’s prediction of the Hoosiers finishing below .500 and 11th in conference is far, far from reality. Another outlet even picked the Hoosiers to finish 12th – dead last – in the B1G. Just because I am feeling so kind today, I’ll leave the name of that outlet out of this article.

Annoying as this story is, the biggest buzz coming out of Red Sox camp in Florida seems to be the lack of “buzz” team members will be able to receive in the clubhouse. Okay, that was a terrible pun, but I just had to. New manager Bobby Valentine has banned alcohol in the player’s clubhouse.

Former manager Terry Francona has already called Valentine’s decision a “P.R. Move”, but as CBS’ Jon Heyman points out, this is not the first time Valentine has set clubhouse rules. I honestly liked Tito when he was at the helm of Red Sox nation, but he needs to move on and pass on commenting on what is no longer his.

I don’t really know how else to put this, so far lack of a better phrase, Manny is still being… Manny. When he was asked if he was going to pass his MLB administered drug test, Ramirez responded with: “only God knows”. In related news, only God knows how this man is a successful multi-millionaire.


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