Crean Topples Izzo

Last night, Tom Crean finally got the better of his former colleague and mentor, Tom Izzo, as Indiana knocked off Sparty 70-55. It was a resounding victory for Hoosier nation, as the team answered several critics’ questions about whether Indiana still “had it”, while controlling the game from start to finish in Bloomington.

Crean had been unsuccessful in his first seven tries, 6 of which were at the helm at Indiana, with their only other meeting came when Crean was the head man at Marquette University. You may remember Crean as the only coach to give Dwayne Wade a D-1 scholarship offer at Marquette, which ended up working out pretty well for both parties. You may also remember TC as the assistant coach who was responsible for bringing championship talent to East Lansing in 2000 (Mo Peterson and Matten Cleeves).

For the younger college basketball watching generation(s), however, you may only know Tom Crean as the head coach of Indiana during their resurgence to national prominence.

Trust me, I am okay with that!


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