Morning Drop 3/21/12

Since I’m pretending to be like a part of the media anyway, I might as well slam you with Peyton Manning – Tim Tebow coverage, too. Besides, we’re still a day away from Sweet 16 time.

The NBC Sports Talk guys brought up an interesting question yesterday: Who has more pressure on them after the signing – John Elway or Peyton Manning?

I’m going to have go with neither. The man with the most pressure on him now is certainly head coach John Fox.

Any criticism this past season could have been easily dumped on the shoulders of Tim Tebow. Every analyst had their own unique style in the ways they delivered their denunciation of his game, and the discredit he received when the Broncos prevailed.

Not this season.

Whether or not Tebow is dealt, or kept as Manning’s backup, John Elway doesn’t have a scapegoat any longer. If Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning of old this season, Denver’s offense is going to be an impressive machine. Impressive offensive machine and defensive coach equals Super Bowl championships, right? Yea, in theory, at least.

If the Broncos aren’t producing Super Bowl rings with Peyton in good health, the fall man is going to be John Fox. With a 5-year, 96 million dollar deal, it is clear the Broncos are fully invested in Peyton Manning. Fox’s 4-year, 14 million dollar deal doesn’t spell out the same investment.

It looks like the possibility of VCU head coach Shaka Smart leaving to take the same position at Illinois is highly unlikely, unless something drastic changes in the next 24 hours, reports Jon Rothstein. It also surprised me a little to hear that the Chicago hoops recruiting scene is like that of a minefield – and ultimately may have been/might be the deterrent for Shaka not heading to Urbana-Champaign.

While on the coaching carousel, it looks like SMU and its boosters want to make a stab at signing Marquette head coach Buzz Williams. I have to admit, I was a little choked up with laughter when I first read this on SI’s Truth and Rumors. When Brad Doherty was at the helm for the Mustangs, he made just 500k.

Right now at Marquette? Williams makes 2 million a season. I hope those boosters are serious, and I really hope Craig James isn’t among them. Any major decision that he has a “say” in can’t possibly be a strong one. The one thing on SMU’s side, however, is that Williams is a Van Alstyne, TX native. Whether that alone is enough to take Williams out of the Big East conference, only time will tell.

As for my favorite Boston boys, the Red Sox, it’s interesting to hear reports from their camp that Daniel Bard has not won  a slot in the starting rotation just yet. Apparently, he has impressing to do, namely in front of new manager Bobby Valentine.

I’m not even going to get started on what a potential mess the Bobby V hire could turn out to be – that’s for a different rant – but I beg of him to give Bard a shot at being a starter this season. The bullpen is secure, and letting Bard take the reigns on the 5th slot, even if only for a test run, seems to offer low risk and a high upside.


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