Morning Drop 3/22/12

Oh, the New York Jets. You continue to do such Jets things, yet it never ceases to amaze me.

Chapter 4,256:

This time around, your front office decides that it’s actually Tebow Time. Interesting. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe you owe a shaky quarterback (we’ll call him “Sanchize,” for laughs) 40.5 million dollars over the next three years. While, the decision to extend Sanchize wasn’t their greatest move, it was far from the Jet’s worse, too.

This is where I am puzzled. I am trying to find logic and reason behind this move. I actually want to like this move for the Jets, but I am coming up empty.

Mark Sanchez’s short career has certainly had his ups and downs, but with the contract extension he was just given, the Jets are profoundly stating that “he’s our man” attitude. That’s fine, I get that.

I also understand that the Jets were in need of a backup quarterback and that their mindset going into the search for a backup may go something like this:

Defense has always been our strong point. Sanchez and the offense have been anemic at times, and we’ve won games despite that. A solid backup puts us in a decent position to win, should we lose Sanchez to injury.

(Editor’s note: you have to read that last paragraph out loud and in your best Rex Ryan voice. If you haven’t, please reread. )

But seriously, that’s all I’ve got so far. Tim Tebow may be able to keep the Jets in the best position to win, should Sanchez be lost to injury.

After that? Nada!

I know, I know – he’s a clubhouse guy, that Tim Tebow, but I still can’t see the veterans in that locker room taking direction from a young, backup quarterback. I don’t see Bart Scott bowing out of the middle of the huddle, making way for Mr. Tebow to step in and deliver the pre-game speech.

What I do predict is the New York media and fans alike chanting Tebow’s name, which is essentially calling for Sanchez’s head on a platter, by about week four of the NFL season. I can’t wait to kick back and enjoy the circus.


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