The MLB Regular Season is Underway, but the MLB Doesn’t Want You to Know

Well, that headline isn’t completely true. Yes, the MLB regular season is underway, as the Mariners and Athletics played a quick two game series in the Tokyo Dome, splitting the series at one a piece.

The latter half of that headline is false, but one has to question the serious lack of publicity the MLB has given this overseas series. What really irks me, even though the game was played in the wee hours of the American morning and few would have watched anyway, was that the match up of Brandon McCarthy and Felix Hernandez got no “pub” whatsoever. Those two going head-to-head should be enough alone to get some national attention, never mind the fact it was the League opener this season.  Two top-tier American League starters kicked off the season in the Tokyo Dome, and yet only the six of you who read this blog will know. Sigh.

By the way, King Felix and Mr. McCarthy both pitched brilliantly, though neither qualified for the win as the game was ultimately decided in the top half of the 11th inning on a Dustin Ackley go-ahead RBI single. Oh, and that Ichiro guy had quite the homecoming, going 4-for-5 in the series opener. I heard just a few people in Japan were excited to see that Ichiro guy.

Just this morning, MLB newcomer Yoenis Cespedes, and Oakland newcomer Josh Reddick – acquired this off-season in a trade with Boston – powered the Athletics to a 4-1 victory, each taking a Mariner bullpen member deep. Uncharacteristically, the Athletics invested a large – especially by Oakland standards – amount of money into the Cuban defector.

To be honest, I cannot wait to see what Cespedes brings to the table this season. Hungry for success, I am sure the Athletics’ faithful hope he arrives at the table with his hands full.

If you’re interested, here’s a quick clip of Cespedes going deep, courtesy of Major League Baseball:

Cespedes Home Run


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