Does the addition of Tim Tebow make the Jets the favorite for HBO’s Hard Knocks?

Tim TebowWell, looks like my headline really stole from the meat of this post.

Anyway, simply put, is there a team in the NFL that would draw more viewers than the New York Jets on Hard Knocks?!?

The team is already a three-ring circus. There is no real way around that. Talented? Yes. Popular? Yes. Circus? Most definitely.

Here’s the simple math – and I’m no mathematician – but even I was able to figure this one out.

(Disclaimer: the fact that this equation used words, and not numbers, more than likely helped me out a ton)

Three ring circus + American Posterboy for Football = No brainer for HBO.

In fact, Jet’s owner Woody Johnson has not ruled out that there have been discussions between his team and HBO, regarding the summer series.

Can you imagine the side stories – ones outside of football – that HBO producers could easily create? Here’s a free one, HBO, just to get you started:

Who is Mark Sanchez sleeping with?

Or, for the “cliffnotes types”, we could go with the much shorter version: Who ISN’T Mark Sanchez sleeping with?

See how easy this is? I just wrote the first episode on my lunch break. Your’e welcome, Home Box Office.


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