A Pair of Pre-Season Top 25’s, Bobby Knight Asleep On Set

Because it’s never ever too early to start thinking about the 2012-13 college basketball season, here’s the “Way Too Early Top 25” from the staff at ESPN.

The top 25 will change a number of times between now and tipoff of the 2012-13 season.

1. Indiana

2. Louisville

3. Kansas

4. Kentucky

5. Ohio State

6. NC State

7. Michigan State

8. Michigan

9. Florida

10. Baylor

11. North Carolina

12. Arizona

13. Memphis

14. Syracuse

15. Duke

16. Texas

17. Notre Dame

18. Creighton

19. Gonzaga

20. Kansas State

21. Wisconsin

22. VCU

23. San Diego State

24. Tennessee

25. Missouri

And because the staff at USA Today couldn’t resist making one of their own:

1. Indiana

2. Louisville

3. Duke

4. Kansas

5. Kentucky

6. Baylor

7. Ohio State

8. Michigan State

9. Arizona

10. San Diego State

And because I can’t resist sharing, here is a video of The General, Robert Montgomery Knight, asleep on the set of College Gameday in New Orleans:


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