Joe Flacco, the Best Quarterback in the NFL!

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco

Says Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Flacco.

Just kidding! His parents aren’t that naive. Joe, however, just might be. Not sure which stats or clutch performances he can reference to help strengthen his point here – namely since they don’t exist.

For the past few hours I’ve tried to think of a logical reason as to why Joe Flacco would make such a proclamation on WSNT 1570 radio in Baltimore. It’s been a mentally draining couple of hours, to say the least.

Then it hit me – Anthony Davis! How could this have not come to me sooner?

Monday night, Joe is sitting in his suburban Baltimore condominium, watching the NCAA Championship game, and reveling over the way Anthony Davis is the most dominant presence on the court – yet his shooting percentage was abysmal.

Hmm…I play on national television…my completion percentage drops in playoff games…AND I have a unibrow! I’m the best quarterback in the league!

Sad but true – Joe Flacco is drinking the unibrow juice – and we all have Anthony Davis to thank for this.

The Unibrow Juice, soon to be endorsed by Davis, gives relatively average uni-browed individuals an overwhelming confidence in competitive situations they would normally shy away from.

Representatives from Unibrow Juice declined to comment about Flacco’s I’m the best quarterback in the league statement, claiming there was no true way to determine if Flacco had been drinking the juice before appearing as a guest on Baltimore sports radio.

My guess is that he had a swig, or two….or six.


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