Oh, Bobby Petrino…

Petrino sporting the neck brace, post crash

Looks like you’ve really done it this time. Seems like everyone in Fayetteville was able to look past your former career blemishes – lying to Louisville AD, going behind Tuberville’s back with the Auburn search committee, leaving the Falcons 13 games into the season – to name a few, seeing as you have produced a 21-5 football team the past two seasons.

The scary thing? The Razorbacks are projected to finish the 2012 campaign even stronger. That puts Arkansas Athletic Director, Jeff Long, in a tough predicament.

Oh, right, the you’ve really done it this time reference. This time, you lied to your AD about being alone in your motorcycle crash this past week, telling Long that you were the lone passenger of that motorcycle.

Truth of the matter is that there was a woman passenger on your motorcycle. To make matters worse, the woman doesn’t answer to ‘Mrs. Petrino’. The woman was actually Jessica Dorrell, an employee in the Arkansas Athletic Department. Interesting.

That right there, is what any Athletic Director would consider a predicament. Not to worry, it actually gets better.

Just two weeks prior to the crash, Petrino actually had the nerve to add Ms. Dorrell to his football staff, which you can see in a release from Arkansas here.

“Jessica Dorrell will be a great addition to our football program,” said Coach Petrino. “As a former student-athlete she has an enthusiasm for the Razorbacks and is familiar with what the University of Arkansas can offer. She is extremely organized and has a professional approach, which should translate well into our program and recruiting as we continue to place an emphasis on this area.”

Apparently, Petrino was a little off base when he noted that Dorrell has a real “professional approach”. But Dorrell is probably the last thing on Petrino’s mind, as he was placed on administrative leave last night – not for being unfaithful – but for telling lies to the man in charge.

If I am certain about one thing in this sticky situation, it’s simply that I’m really glad I don’t have to make the does he say or does he go decision that Long is forced to make in the coming weeks.


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