For the Gambler In All of Us, 4/13

Happy Friday the 13th! I bet you’re all feeling as lucky as I am, and therefore ready to place some bets. Had a little redemption last night after my 2-3 record on Day One, as I picked up two victories last night.

Those wins (Rockies, Rangers) bring my overall record to a respectable 4-3.

And now to tackle the nightcap…

Astros (Harrell) @ Marlins (Nolasco)

Pick: Marlins -1.5

Maybe they like playing for Cora more than Ozzie?

Diamondbacks (Hudson) @ Rockies (Nicasio)

Pick: Diamondbacks +1.5

I really like the Diamondbacks team this year. Really, really, really like

Athletics (Colon) @ Mariners (F. Hernandez)

Pick: Mariners -1.5

It’s KING Felix. That’s all you need to know

Happy wagering!


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