Burning Questions, 4/16/12

Jacoby Ellsbury Injury

Ellsbury grimaces, clutching his shoulder

A couple of burning questions for Monday morning, April 16th.

With Jacoby Ellsbury likely headed to the DL for the next two months, where do the Red Sox turn for his center field replacement?

The Cubs have been looking to deal center fielder Marlon Byrd for bullpen help, but I don’t see the .071 batting average attracting any Red Sox brass. An already banged-up Red Sox bullpen likely doesn’t look intriguing for Theo and the Cubs, either.

Were the fans at Yankee Stadium really booing Tim Tebow last night?

There are conflicting reports. While it wouldn’t completely surprise me, it still does a little bit. Can anyone confirm? Anyone? ANYONE?

Is this the last chance at a title run for the original Big 3 in Boston?

While many have thought Ray Allen’s playing days are numbered, it was Paul Pierce who recently suggested this season could be his last. The Celtics have really poured it on as of late and it will be interesting to see if age plays a factor in their playoff series.

Are the Eagles drafting a Quarterback with their first round pick?

National Football post is suggesting there is a lot of buzz indicating the Eagles could draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The rumor surprised me at first, but given Vick’s inability to stay healthy, I can see how strongly the Eagles are in need of a solid backup. Questions is, will the Eagles have to trade up to have a shot at drafting Tannehill? 

Is it time to push the panic button in San Francisco, regarding Tim Lincecum?

I know, I know – it’s early. But Lincecum’s first two performances this season? Anything but Lincecum-like. An 0-1 record and an ERA just a shade under 13 (12.91) has to be some cause for concern. His most recent outing, lasting just 2 1/3 innings, was the shortest of his career. 


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