Bobby Valentine

I know for fact that I had mentioned this in the offseason, so I don’t want to hear any backtalk about voicing disdain for a manager currently leading a team with sub-.500 record.

I CAN’T STAND Bobby Valentine. I have never once been a fan of his managerial style, his loud mouth, or any of his mustache-donning antics. If there is something this man is good at, it’s talking himself into a corner, and then proceeding to talk some more.

In a “no way out, shutting your mouth would be best” situation, Bobby will gladly continue to spew his word vomit. As I watch, I can never help but wonder where his publicist is.

I’ve also never come to close to believing Bobby V was/is the right hire in Bean Town. I have heard some convincing arguments, but my stance is unwavering. Do you hear that? My position on this is not shakable, so save your breath.

The saddest attempt at swinging me was when I listened to the argument that I should be a Bobby V supporter because he is from Connecticut and I, too, call the Nutmeg State home. Oh, dear. No words – just pure embarrassment for, you know, Connecticut and I.

My only hope is that Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington can find a worthy replacement, or at least a step-up (shouldn’t be difficult), from Bobby V.

Act quickly, Mr. Cherington, for your team is not getting any younger, and your fans any less restless.


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