Waiver Wire Additions, Week Three

My post from Thursday 4/26 for Baseball Revival:

So long as you aren’t bored with my insights just yet, I deliver to you – without bias or fandom – the best additions to make to your fantasy baseball team this week. The sample size remains small, but a few young stars are showing flashes of greatness, and doing so with consistency. Over the long course of the marathon season that is fantasy baseball – especially in rotisserie leagues – consistency is king.

This time around, I’m going to break one of my own rules, but only slightly. When you only slightly break your own rule, it’s not as bad, right?I normally only look to for potential waiver wire additions that are owned in less than 50 percent of ESPN leagues. After being added at an incredible rate this week, (+21%) the free agent I was preparing to highlight is now owned in 58 percent of leagues. See, it’s just a slight break.

Jose Altuve – 2B – Houston Astros

I imagined writing this suggestion based on the fact that Altuve can consistently produce in 4 of the 5 standard offensive categories this season, but if I did so, I’d be ruling out the possibility of him knocking a few long balls as well. With the sort of contact Altuve has been making at the plate, I don’t want to rule out the possibility that Altuve can blossom into a 5 category offensive performer. On Tuesday, he hit his first home run of the young season.

If I haven’t made it painfully clear already, I’m a huge fan of consistency and stat-stuffers. Altuve is just that. Many scouts have commented on Altuve’s upside, but noted that he has lacked discipline at the plate. It seems as though Altuve’s offseason adjustments have changed all that, and there is great possibility Jose can hang around the .280-.290 range.

Oh, and multiple hit games? Altuve has already has ten of them! Steals? He’s collected four already. And I guess 12 runs and 8 runs-batted-in aren’t half bad numbers either. Need anymore convincing? You shouldn’t.

Bryan LaHair – 1B, OF – Chicago Cubs

While typically labeled as a Quad-A guy, LaHair has quickly started toquiet his critics this season with an impressive stat line – .364 avg, 7 runs, 4 HRs, 11 RBI’s. It’s not that LaHair wasn’t producing for triple-A Iowa – he had impressive numbers there for 3 years – it’s just that the likes of Derek Lee and Carlos Pena were always standing in his way.

As a 29 year old “rookie,” LaHair is playing like he has little time to waste – which is likely because that’s actually the case. Top Cubs prospect Anthony Rizzo just happens to occupy first base as well, and there will always be pressure to bring up Rizzo, who is touted as having one of the sweetest swings in the minors.

While he may not be a long-term plug into your fantasy lineup, LaHair is at least worth the second look. The fact that he is position eligible at first base and the outfield certainly adds to his value as well.

I hope this post, at the very least, provides a little insight on who to add this week. If you’re light on humor and thirsty for sarcastic baseball commentary, follow me on twitter @kpLUCH.


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