This Double Flop Is Can’t Miss NBA TV

So much unnecessary flopping, you’d think this was a soccer game. Almost 


This Is The Worst Roy Halladay Bobble-Head…

In the history of Roy Halladay bobble-heads. Maybe even in the history of all bobble-heads, but I can’t be certain since I don’t have access to the Bobble-Head Hall of Shame.

halladay bobble-head

Halladay bobble-head

Halladay is such a deceiving pitcher. As you can clearly see here, Halladay can pitch with either hand. He may even just deliver the ball to second base instead of home. What unconventional ball they play there in Philly.

The Quarter Season Awards!

As we – the fans, front office, players, etc – have reached the quarter mark of the 2012 season, it is time to (electronically) hand out the Quarter Season Awards!

Don’t give me – or your computer screen, rather – that blank stare look like you’ve never heard of the Quarter Season Awards before. So what if I happened to coin the award name a few hours ago, that doesn’t change anything. The first annual Quarter Season Awards exist to recognize a few surprising and deserving ball players for their performances this season. These players deserve recognition!

After all, if their play starts to slip, they may not be in contention for Award List To Be Named Later, which, of course, will be revealed at a date-to-be-named-later.

Biggest Surpise – Offense

Josh Reddick – OF – Oakland Athletics

Any sort of surprise in Oakland is welcomed, especially those of the positive variety

Biggest Surprise – Pitching

Lance Lynn – SP – St. Louis Cardinals

Just gonna go ‘head and pat myself on the back for this one, since I drafted him in three leagues

Best Rotation Addition

Gio Gonzalez – SP – Washington Nationals

No one is saying ‘Stephen Who?’, but Gio has been solid for the NL East’s best

Best Import

Yu Darvish – SP – Texas Rangers

This was kinda a no brainer, right?

Rookie of the Year – NL

Bryan LaHair

There’s no age limit! Besides, he’s only a shade over a decade older than Bryce Harper

Rookie of the Year – AL

Will Middlebrooks – 3B – Boston Red Sox

Boston chicks dig the long ball, and so does this fantasy writer

Best Pitcher No One is Talking About

Brandon Beachy – SP – Atlanta Braves

Technically, I just talked about it, but no one ever listens to me 

Biggest Disappointment

Albert Pujols – 1B – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

If you think otherwise, I implore you to introduce the palm of your hand to your face

Fantasy Monster

Josh Hamilton – OF – Texas Rangers

His batted ball often leaves the yard, or so they tell me