Poking Fun at the MLB.Com Beat Writers – NL West

Taking a look at a few of the NL West beat writers for MLB.Com, just because.


Steve Gilbert – @stevegilbertMLB – Followers: 6,936 – Following: 265

Oddest Following: Love Quotes (@loveQ)

Sometimes Steve just wants to feel the love…through Twitter.

Recent Stab at Humor:  I hope today’s #Dbacks broadcast is rated PG13 because you don’t want youngsters watching this 5-error performance.#thiswontmakegamenotes

I’m speechless.


Thomas Harding – @harding_at_mlb –  Followers: 5,605 – Following: 1,481

Oddest Following: Dangerous Curves (@dangerouscurvesinc)

For when Tommy is feeling a little frisky

Recent Stab at Humor: Happy Purple Monday. #Rockies #Giants #LosRockies #MLB

Funny? Because Happy, purple and monday should never be used in succession. 


Corey Brock – @FollowThePadres – Followers: 13,242 – Following: 457

Attempt at humor: Andy Parrino, the pride of Brockport, New York, with a HR. Jeff Van Gundy also from Brockport. Also home to a notably low crime rate.

Van Gundy’s broadcasting is a crime, so I am not sure this one makes complete sense


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