The Afternoon Gambler, June 13th

Who wants to lose some money with me?

(resounding cheers echo)

Right, so let’s get on that.

Tonight’s picks:

Red Sox (F. Doubrount) @ Marlins (R. Nolasco)

Pick: Red Sox +1.5

Red Sox bats are (somehow) awake after an all-nighter on South Beach

Indians (D. Lowe) @ Reds (Latos)

Pick: Reds -1.5

It is referred to as the battle for Ohio…who wants to battle for Ohio?!?

Athletics (T. Milone) @ Rockies (Outman)

Pick: Athletics +1.5

The Athletics are knocking the piss out of the ball, you guys. 


The Morning Gambler, June 11th

Taking a stab at beating the 52.838 percent, you guys.

Nationals (E. Jackson) @ Blue Jays (B. Morrow)

Pick: Blue Jays -1.5

Nationals cool off; Morrow does his thing at home

Red Sox (J. Beckett) @ Marlins (J. Johnson)

Pick: Red Sox -1.5

Beckett outduels Johnson in the battle for Josh Supremacy

Angels (G. Richards) @ Dodgers (C. Capuano)

Pick: Angels +1.5

Something about this Richards kid…

Best of luck!