This Is A Picture of Shaq Pointing At Tim Tebow’s Bicep

Shaq Tebow

For no other reason than the fact that I wanted to post it. Don’t ask questions today.


The Afternoon Gambler, June 13th

Who wants to lose some money with me?

(resounding cheers echo)

Right, so let’s get on that.

Tonight’s picks:

Red Sox (F. Doubrount) @ Marlins (R. Nolasco)

Pick: Red Sox +1.5

Red Sox bats are (somehow) awake after an all-nighter on South Beach

Indians (D. Lowe) @ Reds (Latos)

Pick: Reds -1.5

It is referred to as the battle for Ohio…who wants to battle for Ohio?!?

Athletics (T. Milone) @ Rockies (Outman)

Pick: Athletics +1.5

The Athletics are knocking the piss out of the ball, you guys. 


The Morning Gambler, June 11th

Taking a stab at beating the 52.838 percent, you guys.

Nationals (E. Jackson) @ Blue Jays (B. Morrow)

Pick: Blue Jays -1.5

Nationals cool off; Morrow does his thing at home

Red Sox (J. Beckett) @ Marlins (J. Johnson)

Pick: Red Sox -1.5

Beckett outduels Johnson in the battle for Josh Supremacy

Angels (G. Richards) @ Dodgers (C. Capuano)

Pick: Angels +1.5

Something about this Richards kid…

Best of luck!