Northwestern’s New Under Armour Jerseys

Northwestern Under Armour JerseyJust one problem: they’re still purple! Well, and they’re still Northwestern.



The Taiwanese Are At It Again

This video is pretty Lincredible.

According to the Taiwanese people, Raymond Felton is fat. While I don’t think this is entirely true, I’ve never been a Felton Fan, so nice work, Taiwanese people.

Also, it makes much more sense to read the subtitles than to try to understand the Taiwanese. (disregard if you speak Taiwanese, or whatever it’s called)

Reuben Foster Most Certainly Has A Death Wish

Otherwise, why would the the No.1 linebacker in the 2013 class switch his “100% committed” commitment from Alabama to Auburn?

Yes, you actually read that correctly. Also, I don’t typos, in the case that you are wondering.

Foster, who hails originally from Georgia, recently moved to the city of Auburn, Alabama, after his head coach passed away in La Grange, Ga.

Certainly, his time in the city of Auburn has had a major impact on him, but this is like fighting for the South in the first few years of the Civil War, and then deciding that you’re actually a Yankee. Not a line I would cross.