The Afternoon Gambler, August 13th

There is an awful trend that I am developing, and it occurs when the available balance in my bank account is nearest to $0.00.

I gamble. I often lose. Alas, I am broker than I was before.

But, I fear not, as I have yet to reach the stage of brokest. Brokest is a scary place I never, ever want to visit. Brokest involves packing up my apartment and moving home with Mom and Dad – something they, nor I, will ever be ready for. Brokest is like rock bottom, but rockier and more bottom-like. I don’t know. Shut-up.

Anyway, here are today’s picks that I won’t preface by saying I am not all that confident in them. Bolded text denotes choice. All text denotes sarcasm.

Nationals (+1.5) at Giants

White Sox (-1.5) at Blue Jays

Rays (-1.5) at Mariners



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