Official Statement from #NFL Looks Strange..

Goodell’s handwriting is questionable


Durant Tells Bayless What’s Really Good

kevin durant skip bayless twitter


I highlighted it in red, so you can’t miss it. Anyways, love seeing Kevin Durant, who is generally quite soft spoken, tell Skip Bayless what’s up right here.

As if you didn’t already know, Skip Bayless is ESPN’s Resident Fucking Moron, though I don’t think that is his official title. (Might be Resident Senior Fucking Moron)

The great thing is that not only did Durant put Bayless in his place, he also points out that something that I don’t think the average sports fan is aware of – just because a self proclaimed “analyst” is on ESPN, doesn’t mean he/she deserves to have their opinion heard on national TV.

Michigan – Michigan State Twitter War – Shots Fired!

Troy Woolfork

Troy Woolfork

As multiple sources have pointed out, Michigan State football players took to Twitter to bash the Michigan football team as they were being trounced by Alabama on Saturday in Dallas.

Since Michigan coach Brady Hoke has restricted his player’s ability to fire back, Michigan football alum Troy Woolfork took it upon himself to do the firing. The three tweets are shown in the screenshot above.

My favorite: “Spartans, did y’all forget that y’all were down 35-0 when y’all played Bama? And n the first half!!!

Okay, so Troy probably didn’t graduate with a degree in English or Journalism, but that was a pretty good Burn, y’all!