This Is Will Middlebrooks’ Carved Pumpkin

Will Middlebrooks' Pumpkin


There are many others like it, but this is Will’s. Will’s pumpkin is his best friend. It is his life.  He will master the pumpkin as he masters third base in Fenway.




Ichiro Suzuki, now of the New York Yankees, has a new book coming out this Spring. Since my goal here is to save you time, let me paraphrase the book for you.

“Ichiro Suzuki is the best baseball player to have ever played the game,” said Ichiro Suzuki and his mother.

Boom. Saved you a lot of time. You’re welcome.

Cubs Lowering Ticket Prices In 2013

In an industry where prices nearly always are on the rise, the Cubs have decided to lower ticket prices for the 2013 season.

Overall, ticket prices will be 2% lower, and the biggest drop in price can be found in the bleachers, where it will be 10% lower. Personally, I think the drop in bleacher ticket prices needed to happen, regardless of whether or not the Cubs did manage to lose 100 games. (They did!)

Full story can be found here at Bleacher Nation.

Windy City Prospects: Arizona Fall League 2012

The following players are those affiliated with the White Sox or Cubs organization and have been selected to play in the Arizona Fall League, which began last week. The Arizona Fall League is like a graduate school for select minor leaguers to continue their seasons through October and November against other top prospects.

The league is divided into 6 teams. The Cubs send their players to the Mesa Solar Sox.


Dae-Eun Rhee

Kevin Rhoderick

Nick Struck

Tony Zych


Javier Baez


Rubi Silver

Matt Sczcur

The White Sox send their players to the Salt River Rafters.


Andre Rienzo

Santos Rodriguez

Salvador Sanchez

Taylor Thompson


Carlos Sanchez

Andy Wilkins


Trayce Thompson


MLB Free Agent Bats This Off-Season

Here are the top 10 free agent hitters, according to ESPN, set to hit the market this winter.

Well, that is a pretty sad list. This is evident because the third player on this list is Nick Swisher. The fourth? Cody Ross! Sure hope no teams are in need of any offense heading into 2013.

Sure, Hamilton might be a prize, but he is getting up there – he’ll turn 32 years old in the early goings of the 2013 season – and the Red Sox have already stated David Ortiz is a priority.

Slim pickings, you guys.