Here We Have A Bucket O’ Balls …

…At Chicago Cubs early (just pitchers and catchers) spring training. Why sportswriters, like Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, feel the need to take pictures of inanimate objects, I’ll never quite understand. That being said, I’ll also never understand why I click on them. What I do know, however, is that the site of this fresh bucket o’ balls has me excited for baseball and the boys of summer.

Bucket O' Balls

Bucket O’ Balls

All sexual innuendos aside, isn’t a bucket of balls kinda exciting? So many fun activities can be conducted with a whole bucket o’ balls. The possibilities are almost endless.

Knock one out of the park? Who cares? Not you – you’ve got a whole bucket!

Too fat and lazy to go and grab that one obnoxious ball that went foul? JUST REACH INTO THE BUCKET AND BOOM, PROBLEM SOLVED.



perhaps I’ve had too much caffeine 


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