Phillies Announce Ace Halladay Will Not Be Opening Day 2013 Starter

The Philadelphia Phillies have announced their ace, Roy Halladay, will not be their opening day starter in 2013. Which begs the question: Should the honors go to Cliff Lee? Or long-time Phillie, Cole Hamels?

I suppose that is an excellent problem to have, having three legitimate No. 1’s on a staff, and then having to choose who is actually No. 1.

Based on the projection numbers for the Phillies three outfielders, I have to imagine they will need No. 1-like performances from Halladay, Hamels and Lee, if they expect to contend in the National League East this season.

Below, from the Phillies Official Twitter Account, we see that not only is it not always sunny in Philadelphia, but it’s not even always sunny in Clearwater, Florida. Sunshine state? Not so much in February.

Phillies Spring Training, Phillies 2013

Ice in Clearwater, Florida at Phillies Spring Training

Yes, that is ICE you are seeing on the edge of the dugout.


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