Which World Baseball Classic Articles Are Getting The Most Social Reach

I recently (like, 2 minutes ago) did a Google search for “World Baseball Classic News” to see what kind of results would populate on the first page. Although it may not have the global importance of say, the World Cup, the WBC does involve several countries outside of North America, so results and the outlets producing these articles should vary greater than the results of an MLB search, which has teams based in just the United States and Canada.

The top 3 results surprised me, as the first story is about the American team…but written by Fox News Latino. The second result is an article about the Dutch team…written by the San Jose Mercury News. The third result is a column from Fox Sports about the interest levels of the audiences of the countries involved in the tournament.

I really wanted to see if social media “shares” (likes, retweets, etc) have much an influence on first page results of a Google search. What I found, however, was that these day old stories – the top 3 results for a “world baseball classic news” search – had very little social media reach.

Here’s a simple look at which of these 3 stories is getting the most “love” (or lack thereof) on social media.

U.S. Advances in World Baseball Classic

Just 2 shares, both from Twitter.

World Baseball Classic: It’s a Dutch Treat

Just 1 share, also from Twitter.

Column: Everyone else cares about the World Baseball Classic. Can the Americans be far behind?

10 social shares: Twitter (3), Facebook (4), Google + (3)


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