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Pitching Stats – May One

Jake Westbrook leads the majors in ERA, at just under a run per game (0.98), through 4 starts and 27.2 innings.

In 2 strike counts this season, Wainwright has leaned on his curveball, throwing that 45% of the time. He has recorded 43 Ks.

Yu Darvish leads the majors with 58 strikeouts, 10 more than second place AJ Burnett. Darvish has 8 different pitches in his repertoire, and leans heavily on his Slider (28%) and Four Seam Fastball (22%) with 2 strike counts.

Burnett throws his curveball 52% of the time in 2-strike counts. The next closest is his sinker, which he relies on 27% of the time.

Kershaw is third in the MLB with 47 Ks thus far. Regardless of ball-strike count, he relies heavily on his four-seam fastball (63%) which carries an average velocity of 93 MPH. In 2 strike counts, the reliance on his 4 seam is still there (52%), but his slider and curveball averages jump up (24 and 23%, respectively)

Cubs’ Jeff Samardzija also has recorded 47 strikeouts thus far. The Shark has 7 pitches in his cupboard, and only one he doesn’t use with much frequency – his changeup, thrown just 22 times this season (<1%).


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