MLB Notes, May 8th

  • Through 110 plate appearances, the Twins’ Josh Willingham is drawing walks 20% of the time, tops in the majors.
  • Two players have already produced a WAR rating of 2.0 or higher: Braves’ Justin Upton (2.0) and Brewers’ Carlos Gomez (2.3)
  • Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera and Reds’ Joey Votto have nearly identical OBP’s (.465 and .463) and BABIP’s (.406 and .402) respectively, but Cabrera’s batting average is 60 points higher (.385 -.325)
  • The Athletics are 1st in runs (174), 3rd in stolen bases (25), and 1st in RBIs (163). No other team is in Top 3 for all three categories.
  • Scary: the Astros have the 4th highest BABIP (.322) and have won just 9 games.
  • The Yankees’ Travis Hafner currently holds a .412 OBP (11th in MLB). His highest career OBP of .439 came in 20o6 with the Indians.
  • The Blue Jays’ Colby Rasmus has struck out in 41.9% of his plate appearances this year. Teammate J.P. Arencibia isn’t too far behind at 36.3%.
  • Time for Triple-A call ups? The Marlins and White Sox are the only teams to have produced a negative team WAR rating, both at -1.2
  • The White Sox Adam Dunn has struck out in 33.1% of his plate appearances and has a .145 batting average, but is also victim to a .159 BABIP
  • The Orioles have two players both in the Top 5 in hits: Adam Jones (45) and Manny Machado (44)

Stats and info compiled from and Frangraphs


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