MLB Notes, June 26th

  • Three of the top 5 pitchers in K/9 average this year are Tigers‘ starters: Anibal Sanchez (11.13), Max Scherzer (10.63) and Justin Verlander (10.21)
  • Run support? The Rays’ Matt Moore holds an individual record of 10-3 this season, but the 2nd highest BB/9 rate in the league at 4.98
  • Unfortunately for the Royals’ Wade Davis, opponents hold a .380 average against him on BABIP
  • When it comes to stranding runners, the Pirates’ Jeff Locke is tops in the league with a 85.6% LOB rate. His 7-1 record and shiny 2.06 ERA aren’t too shabby, either
  • Among starting pitchers, the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright holds the highest WAR this season, at 4 even. Mets’ rookie Matt Harvey isn’t too far behind at 3.9 WAR

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