MLB Notes, July 25 – Fun With Run Differentials

Because I said so

  • the Cubs have -18 run differential and a 45-54 record
  • the White Sox have a -68 run differential and a 39-59 record
  • the Yankees are the only team with a negative run differential (-6) and a winning record 53-48
  • the Indians have an identical record as the Yankees, but with a +36 run differential
  • The defending World Series champion Giants have an almost identical record as the Cubs, but with a -59 run differential
  • …and so do the Padres
  • In the fairly tightly packed NL East, the Braves are the only team with a positive run differential (+78)
  • the Cardinals are tops in the majors with a +140 run differential
  • the Tigers (+102) and Red Sox (+88) are 2nd and 3rd in that category
  • The Astros are the worst in the majors, with a -156 mark

MLB Notes, July 16th – All-Star Game

Oh look, its the All-Star game. Rah rah NL! Rah rah AL! Wooo goooo players assembled into two teams to determine home field advantage in the World Series!

Can’t you tell I am thrilled?

  • The White Sox’ Adam Dunn, despite just a .213 batting average, is 9th in the MLB in isolated power (ISO) with a .261 mark
  • Down second half coming? The Red Sox’ Mike Napoli has the 2nd highest K% (33.5) in the league and the 3rd highest BABIP average at .382
  • The Reds have two of the top 3 hitters in on-base percentage: Joey Votto (2nd – .434) and Shin-Soo Choo (3rd – .425)
  • The Mariners’ Raul Ibanez (5th) and the Rangers’ Adrian Beltre (9th) are the only two hitters in the top 10 in slugging that are not on an All-star roster
  • The Rangers’ Derek Holland is the only pitcher in the top 10 in WAR (6th – 3.8) not on an All-star roster
  • NL starter and the Mets’ Matt Harvey leads the MLB in fielding-independent pitching (FIP) with a 2.17 mark thus far
  • AL Starter and the Tigers’ Max Scherzer is 5th in the same category (FIP) with a 2.68


MLB Notes, July 15th – All-Star Break

  • The Orioles’ Chris Davis has tied a record by hitting 37 home runs by the All-Star break, which begins today. What kind of PED rumor can we pin on Chris, now that he has had this success?
  • Of the batters this season to collect more than 119 hits, only the Brewers’ Jean Segura and the Orioles’ Manny Machado have a BB% of less than 10% – 4.3% and 3.7%, respectively.
  • Of those in the Top 10 in OBP% this season, only the Red Sox’ David Ortiz has a BABIP under .320, sitting at .317
  • The Mariners’ Raul Ibanez is 5th in the MLB in slugging percentage at .578, but has produced a WAR rating of just 0.9 thus far.
  • All-Star snub? The Athletics’ Josh Donaldson has produced a 4.3 WAR rating this season, good for 8th in the MLB. He also boasts a .310 average and 16 home runs.
  • Opposing hitters hold a .381 BABIP against the Royals’ Wade Davis, good for worst in the league.
  • On the opposite end of that BABIP spectrum is the Cubs’ Travis Wood, who has held hitters to a .227 BABIP, best in the league.
  • The Rockies’ Jhoulys Chacin has allowed an MLB best 0.24 HR/9 innings this season. Which seems a bit more impressive, when you consider the thin air at his home ballpark.

MLB Notes, July 1st – Rookies Edition

In case you’ve been living under a rock – or perhaps just sleeping in late today – you may not have noticed it is now JULY!

Either way, I envy you. 

Aside from July being, like, the best month ever, it also means the mid-summer classic is roughly just a week away. This year’s All-Star game is being held in Queens at Citi Field – home of the Metropolitans. Oh, and it had better feature Yasiel Puig, if not merely for the fact the game would draw more national attention.


  • The Cardinals’ Shelby Miller leads all rookie pitchers with 8 wins this season. I don’t normally harp on a statistic like Pitcher Wins, but it is reflective of Miller’s successes this season. He boasts an ERA under 3 (2.79) and K/9 of 9.7
  • The Padres’ Jedd Gyorko leads all rookie hitters this season with 66 hits. While his K% is high (21.2%), he does have a fairly sustainable BABIP at 3.37
  • The Braves’ Evan Gattis leads all MLB rookies with 14 home runs this season – almost double the total of any other leader on the list. (Gyorko – 8)
  • The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig is third among rookies with 7 home runs, but has played in less than half of the games – 26 compared to 53 – that Gattis has.
  • Rangers’ rookie Leonys Martin has the most steals -16 – among first year players. He also has the 10th highest slugging percentage at .452
  • Good Eye: Angels’ rookie J.B. Shuck has been selective at the plate, boasting the best K% at a mere 7.7%, and has a .288 batting average
  • Through 145 plate apperances, Red Sox’ rookie Jose Iglesias holds a .409 batting average.