MLB Notes: August 19, 2013

Just about a quarter of the season left. Which reminds me, I need quarters to operate my laundry machine now. 

You know what sucks? Coin-operated laundry machines and short summers, that’s what.

Oh, baseball.

  • It seems almost unfair, but the Rangers’ Yu Darvish, he with the greatest K% this year at 11.96, also leads the majors in the amount of runners he strands (LOB%) at 83.8%
  • The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw leads the majors in BABIP, with opponents batting just .231 against him in that category. 
  • The Indians’ Justin Masterson has a 3.1 WAR mark and induces an MLB best ground-ball rate percentage (GB%) of 58.6%



Just Some White Sox Stuff On The 8th of August, 2013

Because I already did those NorthSide guys…

  • It’s been a dismal season offensively for the White Sox, as they rank (29th) only above the Marlins in runs scored, 411 to 359 respectively.
  • Even with the recent sweep of the Yankees and +9 over last 3 days in the run differential column, the White Sox rank 27th overall in that category with a -78 mark.
  • That’s a certain amount of luck attached to a stat, like BABIP, which looks at the batting average of balls hit in play, and the White Sox don’t register particularly well in this category either: 23rd overall with a .289 average.
  • Pitching hasn’t been a strong point, but not really a negative one either. The White Sox are middle-of-the-pack in overall ERA (17th – 3.90), Quality Starts (9th – 64), and Strikeouts (9th – 895)
  • The White Sox are 21st overall with 100 home runs. Adam Dunn has more than a quarter of those, with 26 on the year
  • And they do seem to have a little trouble getting on base, ranking 27th overall with .301 average. The American League average is .320


Just Some Cubs Stuff on the 8th of August, 2013

  • Cubs rank 26th in the majors with a .302 on-base-percentage. The MLB average is .317 and the National League average sits at .314
  • Power hasn’t exactly been a weakness for the Cubs this season. They rank 14th overall with a .404 Slugging percentage, above the major league average of .398 and National League average .391. They also rank 7th overall with 124 home runs
  • But perhaps they should be a little more patient, as they are 23rd overall in drawing walks, with just 301 on the season
  • Oh look, they rank the same – 23rd – in stolen base percentage, at 68%.
  • Though their average is low – .212 – Cubs rank 4th overall in pinch-hitter hits with 35 overall.
  • Another notable area! Extra base hits! Cubs rank 3rd overall with 362
  • Perhaps a little bad luck? Cubs rank 29th overall in batting average on balls in play (BABIP) with a .278 mark

MLB Notes, August 8th, 2013

Maybe I’ll make it a lengthy one.

I’m not just saying that…I really haven’t decided. I’m thinking out-loud, onto this keyboard, so-to-speak.

  • The top 5 players leading the MLB in hits are all American Leaguers: Angels’ Mike Trout (145), Rangers’ Adrian Beltre (145), Orioles’ Manny Machado (144), Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera (142), and the Orioles’ Adam Jones (141)
  • The Pirates have scored the fewest runs in the NL Central, but own the best ERA in the MLB (3.06)
  • The Indians lead the MLB in Shutouts with 15, but their starters have only thrown 3 Complete Games
  • The Cubs starting pitchers have recorded 68 Quality Starts (QS) – 3rd best in the MLB – but are the only team in the top 5 of QS with a losing record (50-63)
  • After going +6 over the last 3 days, the Tigers are now tied with the Cardinals for the best run differential in the MLB at +144
  • Home field advantage? The Braves have the MLB’s best run differential at home, with a mark of +105.
  • The Astros are the worst in that same category, with a -120 mark. For some perspective on that awfulness, the Phillies are second worst in the category, with a -38.
  • Road Warriors: the Cardinals have a +85 run differential on the road this season. The Red Sox (+55), Tigers (+54), and Dodgers (+50) round out the top 4 in that category.
  • The Yankees finished the 2012 season with the greatest overall run differential at +129. This season, they are 15th in the MLB, at -20.
  • The Nationals lead the league in runners left on base per game with nearly 13 (12.88). Perhaps that is part of the reason why they are 28th in the majors with an average of 3.68 runs per game.
  • The Cubs (3.96) and White Sox (3.67) are 21st and 29th, respectively, in runs scored per game.
  • Dingers: The Orioles’ Chris Davis leads the majors with 41 home runs this season and his Baltimore clubs leads the MLB with an average of 1.33 home runs per game.

MLB Notes, August 5th, 2013

Woke up this morning and found out that not only is it now August, but it’s already the 5th of this month. Whoa.

So, like, time to make some notes I guess.

  • Currently, three starters sit with a k/9 ratio above 10: the Rangers’ Yu Darvish (12.07), the Mets’ Matt Harvey (10.27) and the Tigers’ Max Scherzer (10.11). In 2012, just two pitchers ended this season above a 10 mark – Scherzer (11.08) and Darvish (10.40).
  • Two rookie starters currently sit in the Top 10 of k/9 in the majors: the Cardinals’ Shelby Miller (6th – 9.79) and the Marlins’ Jose Fernandez (8th – 9.73)
  • The Cardinals’ Lance Lynn (5th – 9.20) was the only rookie to finish in the Top 10 of that category in 2012
  • Last season, Ervin Santana – then with the Angels – averaged an MLB worst 1.97 home runs per 9 innings (HR/9). This season – with the Royals – he has that number down to 1.01. His ERA is also down, from 5.16 last year to 2.97 this season.
  • Among starting pitchers, the Tigers’ Justin Verlander produced the highest WAR figure last season, finishing at 7.0 even. This season, Verlander sits at 3.1, behind teammate Max Scherzer (4.5) and even with Doug Fister (3.1).
  • In 2012, 10 starters finished the MLB season with an under 3.00 ERA. This season, 20 pitchers are currently under that mark.

The season is roughly 70% done, meaning it’s go time for those primed to make a playoff push.