MLB Notes, August 5th, 2013

Woke up this morning and found out that not only is it now August, but it’s already the 5th of this month. Whoa.

So, like, time to make some notes I guess.

  • Currently, three starters sit with a k/9 ratio above 10: the Rangers’ Yu Darvish (12.07), the Mets’ Matt Harvey (10.27) and the Tigers’ Max Scherzer (10.11). In 2012, just two pitchers ended this season above a 10 mark – Scherzer (11.08) and Darvish (10.40).
  • Two rookie starters currently sit in the Top 10 of k/9 in the majors: the Cardinals’ Shelby Miller (6th – 9.79) and the Marlins’ Jose Fernandez (8th – 9.73)
  • The Cardinals’ Lance Lynn (5th – 9.20) was the only rookie to finish in the Top 10 of that category in 2012
  • Last season, Ervin Santana – then with the Angels – averaged an MLB worst 1.97 home runs per 9 innings (HR/9). This season – with the Royals – he has that number down to 1.01. His ERA is also down, from 5.16 last year to 2.97 this season.
  • Among starting pitchers, the Tigers’ Justin Verlander produced the highest WAR figure last season, finishing at 7.0 even. This season, Verlander sits at 3.1, behind teammate Max Scherzer (4.5) and even with Doug Fister (3.1).
  • In 2012, 10 starters finished the MLB season with an under 3.00 ERA. This season, 20 pitchers are currently under that mark.

The season is roughly 70% done, meaning it’s go time for those primed to make a playoff push.


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