Just Some White Sox Stuff On The 8th of August, 2013

Because I already did those NorthSide guys…

  • It’s been a dismal season offensively for the White Sox, as they rank (29th) only above the Marlins in runs scored, 411 to 359 respectively.
  • Even with the recent sweep of the Yankees and +9 over last 3 days in the run differential column, the White Sox rank 27th overall in that category with a -78 mark.
  • That’s a certain amount of luck attached to a stat, like BABIP, which looks at the batting average of balls hit in play, and the White Sox don’t register particularly well in this category either: 23rd overall with a .289 average.
  • Pitching hasn’t been a strong point, but not really a negative one either. The White Sox are middle-of-the-pack in overall ERA (17th – 3.90), Quality Starts (9th – 64), and Strikeouts (9th – 895)
  • The White Sox are 21st overall with 100 home runs. Adam Dunn has more than a quarter of those, with 26 on the year
  • And they do seem to have a little trouble getting on base, ranking 27th overall with .301 average. The American League average is .320



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