Takeaways from Ragan’s Content Marketing Bootcamp

  • We do not have an information overload or content overload problem. What we have is a filter problem.
  • Social and Content are connected. They are inextricably linked. Sucky content = sucky social. Two exceptions are celebrity and giving away free things. The latter does not have any sustainability.
  • If it doesn’t engage me, it isn’t going to engage my audience. If it’s boring to me, it is going to bore the audience. Communitainment!
  • Understaffed newsroom creates enormous opportunity in our field.
  • Sometimes we follow so many links, we forget where we started and where we saw content (websites, specifically)
  • Breadcrumbs approach: pecking your way to your content
  • Thou shalt not sell or pitch (1st commandment)
  • Content should be: crisp, brief and to the point. It should also be consistent, strategic and frequent
  • Refrigerator journalism: create content people want to print/cut out and put on their fridge
  • Banish the Silos: think convergence. Always know what other departments are doing and what their strategy is. See what they are producing and what their goals of that production are.
  • Nuts About Southwest: run with a news desk mentality. Create an editorial calendar for your site’s content.
  • Decide what your voice is.
  • News-Jacking!
  • List-form blog posts draw the most traffic
  • People love large visuals
  • Embrace controversy to get comments (drive engagement)
  • Social media share buttons are editorial coaches
  • List stories: quick, scalable (creates perception)
  • Hyper localize the news
  • No content should be created without a strategy
  • Define what you mean by return and investment
  • White papers are perfect for b2b companies
  • Why video? A little investment can go a long way
  • Social Media Trifecta: begins on youtube, picked up by traditional media, drives traffic even higher

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