White Sox Notes: January 3, 2014

According to Spotrac:

The White Sox in 2014 have…

  • An active payroll of 71.3 million
  • Earning just under 16 million next season, John Danks is their highest paid pitcher. In 2013, he produced a 0.3 WAR, a 4.75 ERA and a 1.82 HR/9 mark
  • Not far behind, Adam Dunn is owed 15 million for 2014. His 2013 numbers left a lot to be desired: a .219 batting average, a -0.2 WAR and he struck out in 31.1% of his at-bats
  • For those scoring at home, the two White Sox due to make the most money next season – just over 40% of the team’s entire salary – produced a combined 0.1 WAR last season. Essentially, they were good for 1/10th of a win above replacement level.
  • Their 4th highest paid player on the books for 2014 is Cuban defector Jose Abreu, at 8.6 million. Though he is considered to be a top prospect, Abreu has never faced major league pitching.
  • As of right now, Jeff Keppinger is the the opening day starter at third base, set to make 4 million. He produced a -1.5 WAR last season.
  • Certainly this can change before Opening Day, but they currently have 35% of their salary locked up to the DH/1B slot (Dunn, Abreu, Konerko). Only 29% has been designated to starting pitching (Sale, Danks, Paulino)



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