Fantasy Baseball Notes: February 24, 2014

  • Of the top finishers for wOBA in 2013, more than 30 points separated first place (Miguel Cabrera, .455) and second place (Mike Trout, .423)
  • Not surprisingly, those two finished first and second, respectively, in wRC+ (weighted runs created compared against league average) (Cabrera – 192, Trout – 176)
  • Of the Top 10 finishers in FIP (fielding-independent pitching) in 2013, only Felix Hernandez (3.04) and David Price (3.03) had an ERA over 3
  • Of those Top 10 in FIP, only two of those pitchers had ERA’s north of 4. Rick Porcello – 4.32, Edwin Jackson – 4.98)
  • Bud Norris was victim to the worst BABIP rating among pitchers in 2013 at .333. One of every 3 batters that hit the ball in play against him reached safely with a hit

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